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It's as easy as 1-2-3. 

1. Look for the weekly menu to be released by Monday of each week

2. place your order for the following week by Thursday Night

3. Expect deliciousness Delivered to your door on Sunday evening

About MRE Columbus

We are a veteran owned and operated meal prep service headquartered in Columbus, OH. Founded by three United States Marines, each brings different skill sets that make for a unique dynamic. Cooking & meal prepping has always been a passion for these guys so now they are able to share that passion with everyone!

It is our mission to provide the local community with fully cooked meals that are healthy, affordable, & saves time. Our talented chefs are always working to keep a rotating variety of meal options so that there is something for everyone.  Between planning, shopping, cooking, & cleaning up, meal prepping can take up a lot of time. MRE Columbus is the solution!

At MRE Columbus, only the highest quality ingredients are used.  Our meats are all-natural, GMO free, and contain NO antibiotics or hormones, ever! Our locally sourced produce is FRESH and all items on our menu are dairy free, gluten-free, and prepared in a gluten-free facility.

We offer a completely customizable BYO menu and a Culinary Creations menu. With the BYO menu, choose from a variety of proteins, starches, & vegetables to create your very own unique MRE! The Culinary Creations menu are dishes the chefs have put much love into. This menu changes weekly so as to keep a wide variety of options. Everything is made from scratch and accounted for in the nutrition facts.

The minimum order for delivery to your doorstep is $40. Depending on where you live in relation to our kitchen, a delivery fee of $5, $10, or $15 will apply.  There is a free pick-up option as well if you decide you want to stop in and say hello!




2682 Billingsley Rd

Columbus, OH 43235


Sunday Delivery 5p–8p
Sunday Pick-up 2p-5p

Delivery Radius

MRE Columbus currently delivers to the following areas:

New Albany
Pataskala (Limited Area)
Canal Winchester
Grove City
Downtown Columbus
Upper Arlington
Plain City
Lewis Center (Limited Area)
Delaware (Limited Area)




+ How much does each meal cost?

We aim to keep our meals affordable. Most of our options are between $8-$12 dollars.

+ Is there a minimum order amount?

Yes, the minimum is $40.00 before tax.

+ Can I customize my meals?

Yes, all meals are customizable except for our MRE Culinary Creations. Start with a protein, then choose a carbohydrate and a vegetable to complete your MRE. Doing so allows our customers to easily track macro consumption.

+ How long will my MREs retain their freshness?

We recommend consuming your MREs within 5 days after preparation to maximize flavor and freshness. Since meals are prepared on Sundays, your MREs can be consumed throughout the week.

+ Are the MRE containers recyclable?

Yes, we strive to be environmentally friendly and conscientious. Our MRE and side dish containers are made of recyclable plastic.

+ How do I reheat my meals?

We suggest that you reheat your MREs to personal preference. Most customers reheat their MREs in the microwave (our MRE containers are microwave safe). Some customers opt to reheat their meal in the oven. Bear in mind that our MRE containers are NOT oven-safe. Simply transfer your MRE to an oven-safe dish and recycle your MRE container.

+ When should I expect my meals?

All MRE deliveries are made on Sundays between the hours of 5pm – 8pm. When you order, you may request a specific delivery time; however, we may not always be able to accommodate. As a courtesy, we will call 30-60min prior to MRE delivery.

+ What if I’m not home during a scheduled delivery?

If you know you will not be home, please let us know where to leave the meals (you may include in “Special Instructions” when ordering). We will drop off your MREs in an insulated bag or we can make special arrangements to come back depending upon our delivery route and schedule.

+ What is the delivery fee?

The delivery fee is $5 if you live within 10 miles ouf our kitchen, and $10 outside of 10 miles.

+ How many times a week do you deliver?

We currently deliver on Sundays from 5pm – 8pm.

+ Do you offer Gluten Free menu options?

Yes, while all of our offerings are created with gluten free ingredients, we do caution those with severe sensitivity as we can not guarantee the the environment to be free of gluten in our shared facility.

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